NicePrints+ 6.3

Order prints, create photo albums and make photo calendars right from your phone!

NicePrints+ lets you order photos, create photo albums and make calendars straight from your iPhone that you can print yourself or have mailed right to your door! View full description


  • Import photos from Facebook or Dropbox
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Many themes and font styles
  • Share on Facebook, Flikr or Picasa


  • Low quality photos may not come out well
  • Some cutomization options missing

Very good

NicePrints+ lets you order photos, create photo albums and make calendars straight from your iPhone that you can print yourself or have mailed right to your door!

NicePrints+ takes away a lot of the hassle associated with printing photos now that many people have them scattered between their phones, Facebook profiles and many other online photo accounts. NicePrints+ lets you order individual photos or create photo albums and calendars with photos on you phone, imported from you Facebook profile, or imported from Dropbox.

Organize the photos to create an album or calendar with a variety of themes, with the option of downloading the photos to print them yourself, or order them directly from NicePrints+.

NicePrints+, like NicePrints-lite, also lets you order individual photos, which will be delivered straight to your door in about 6 days by certified post.

Organize your memories

NicePrints+ makes the process of creating a photo album or calendar really simple. You begin by choosing which photos you'd like to import, either from your phone, your Facebook profile or Dropbox. You can then select which photos you'd like in the album by tapping on the photo. There is no option to edit the photos, but you can choose to organize them by ascending or descending date.

Once you're done choosing photos, NicePrints+ lets you choose a theme for the album or calendar from a set of categories. You then decide on a front and back cover, and can flip through the book to add text or more pictures by swiping through the book and double tapping to edit the page. There are many different options for font style, size and color, but there aren't any options for changing the location of the text or changing the layout of the photos on the page.

Once your photo creation is complete, you can save it to the app's library from where you can download it in high quality to print yourself, order it from NicePrints+ in a hardcover or spiral bound book straight in the app, or share it to Facebook, Flickr or Picasa.

Easy to use

NicePrints+ has a very accessible interface, making the process of selecting, creating and editing the photo books or calendar really simple and intuitive. Adding or removing photos is easy and requires just the tap of a button. There is a minimum number of 18 pages that you must have per album, which could be problematic if you only want a few photos in the album. Deleting albums is also really easy and there is no warning confirmation once you hit delete, so you have to be careful here.

Some photos may be too low quality to come out clear when printed, which could be an issue depending on where you are importing the photos from, especially if you have an older iPhone with a lower quality camera.

Lasting memories

NicePrints+ is a great way to collect and organize photos from many different sources, letting you quickly and easily create an album or calendar to save your most cherished memories.

Create a photobook or calendar with your mobile or tablet photos. Order prints of your best photos.

With NicePrints+ for iPhone, iPad and Android, you can order prints or quickly and easily create a photobook or a calendar with your digital photos. Once created, you can download it in high quality and print it on your printer, take it to your favorite store, or receive it comfortably at home. You decide!

Customize your photobook and photo calendar for every occasion, enjoy over 60 themes organized in 12 categories: Children, Holidays, Love, Wedding, Communion, Colors, Black and White, Halloween, Christmas, Carnival and Birthday.

Do not forget to share your compositions with family and friends on Facebook, Picasa or Flickr.

If you're sitting on the bus going to work, eating in a restaurant, waiting at the airport and even inside the plane, use NicePrints and enjoy your memories, it is very easy and saves time. Choose the product you want, the size, the photos you want to use, the theme that you like and ... automatically in less than 3 seconds, you have your composition ready to share, save, download or order.

Mobile devices are filling so many pictures that it is becoming more difficult to visualize and find the photo you want. NicePrints helps you organize all your photos in the Library of compositions: a place on your device where you can save a summer album, a calendar of your children, an album of your travels, a calendar of your classmates or your pets, an album with your friends, all your photos into beautiful compositions collected.

How can you print your albums and calendars with NicePrints?

1. Download them in High Quality ready to print on any printer

2. Download then in High Quality ready to print to your favorite store

3. Order through NicePrints, from anywhere in the world. You'll be pleased to know that our products undergo strict quality control checks of the finished image. Calibration of the paper and the chemicals used are reviewed regularly to get the best result. Shipping is certified and packaged to arrive in perfect condition to the address you specify.



NicePrints+ 6.3